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Join more than 900 equipment rental companies using DOZR Marketplace to find new customers and grow their business.

The DOZR Marketplace Advantage

The DOZR Marketplace aggregates construction equipment inventory from small and large professional rental companies across North America. With over 3.4+ million equipment searches last year, DOZR increases your brand reach and helps you find new customers.

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Order Management Software

Complete control of the rental order.

Nothing matters more to us than transparency. That's why with DOZR's Order Management Software, you have full control. You can receive orders at any time on any device. You can also accept, decline, or counter orders based on inventory levels and the needs of your business.

It also allows you to see all the rental information you need to create a great customer experience including who the renter is, their contact information, rental rates and dates, job site address, delivery instructions, and more.

Risk Management

We've got you covered.

With DOZR's best-in-class verification process, digital contracts, and payment processing, we help speed up relationship building by reducing risk of non-payment, theft, fraud, and damages.

ERP Integration

Connect your ERP and increase performance.

Integrate your ERP with DOZR Marketplace to have full control over your inventory and rental bookings.

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DOZR WebStores

eCommerce for your website

With DOZR WebStores, you can create a fully customized, branded checkout experience for your website.

Allow your customers to order directly from you, 24/7

Integrate seamlessly with your existing company website using DOZR’s fast and easy setup

Display your inventory and change your rental rates whenever you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I list my rental equipment on DOZR Marketplace?
Over a hundred thousand contractors are using DOZR Marketplace to find their next piece of rental equipment every month. When listing your equipment on DOZR, thousands of new customers will be able to find you online, rent equipment, and become familiar with your brand. Plus, it's free!
What makes DOZR different for rental companies?
DOZR is your partner. Our solutions are designed to meet your needs and help you grow your business your way as we proudly let you control your listings and set your own prices. And most importantly, we take care of the entire rental process, including after-rent charges, and have best-in-class contractor verification to reduce your rental risk.
How much does it cost to list equipment on DOZR?
Basic listings on DOZR Marketplace are free to verified rental companies in the US and Canada.
How often should I update my listings on the DOZR Marketplace?
Our most successful partners update their listings whenever price changes occur or they add new inventory to their fleet. However, it is recommended that you review your listings a minimum of at least twice per year.
How many pieces of equipment can I list on DOZR?
Verified rental companies can make their entire fleet available for rent on DOZR Marketplace but your company will only have one listing per cat class.
What are the benefits to listing equipment on DOZR?
Listing partners receive almost twice as many rental opportunities as non-listing partners, while also getting featured more prominently in the listings.
What eCommerce solutions does DOZR offer for rental companies?
In addition to the DOZR Marketplace, we also offer DOZR WebStores, an online checkout experience that you can add to your website through an extremely easy and simple plug-and-play process. The first of its kind, WebStores allows your loyal customers to reserve, pay, extend, and offrent at any time through your existing website.
What are some benefits to adding a WebStore to my rental website?
WebStores allows your customers to book and pay online for rental reservations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reduce the administrative burden on your sales team by setting up your clients with their own login, discounts, and payment terms.
I've seen the number of orders from DOZR decrease. Is there a reason for this?
The number of orders you receive is impacted by a number of factors, including:

Are you a listing partner? Listing partners get more rental opportunities than non-listing partners.

Have you been able to Book, Decline, or Propose Alternatives? The fewer opportunities you let expire, the more often you will receive rental opportunities.

Do we need to update any of your contact information or add more team members to receive notifications? You can speak to our Partner Experience team to review your specific rental opportunities in detail and update your listings if necessary.
I have the equipment requested but cannot deliver it at the requested time. Should I book anyway?
Please use the Propose Alternative option and write in your anticipated delivery time. Renters request one of three delivery time slots and will be planning their work around this. Accepting the rental opportunity means accepting the entire order. While changes can often be accommodated, we will have to send a revised rental opportunity with a new number.